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About Us


Welcome to my shop!  I started my shop in early 2017 as I just couldn't find things I was looking for.  We started with just 3 products and now have well over 100!  Our 7 chinchillas are our quality control... if they don't like it, it doesn't get added.

Personally, I live in Hawai'i with my 6 chinchillas - Joey, Kira, Chloe, Tris, Pippa and my lone boy, Brewster, as well as my constant companion, Lena (she's my service dog and goes everywhere with me)!

Professionally, I am a web developer.  I work from home for a company in Connecticut.  I've used my skills and knowledge of chinchillas to create a chinchilla education website:


Please stop by!  I'm always available for questions!